Carteret Writers is turning forty next year. That makes our organization the same age as my high school yearbook, my dusty rose prom dress, my driver’s license, my Kristy McNichol hairstyle, and my intense love affair with Chili Cheese Fritos.

Since I heard John Boy Walton summarize episodes in his journal, I knew I wanted to write non-fiction and that flame never went out. It dimmed when I pursued other work to feed and shoe the small people that lived in my house, but writing was always there, sometimes as a friendly sidekick, other times as a feral animal who took up residence and demanded snacks at the back screen door.

I write solo. My temptation to chatter, giggle, drink coffee, and distract others makes it better for all involved if I hunker down in my office and pound on my Mac. Even in solitude, I mouth breathe and stare out the window wondering about words and pondering sentence assembly. I waste time on the internet and chase rabbits to procrastinate from the work. For this reason, I need the balance of others to react to my work, to offer critique, to commiserate and understand.

While writing is a simple task, it isn’t an easy one – and being solo doesn’t have to mean suffering our craft in solitary confinement. It’s good to be among other writers and to stretch and grow our ideas and skills – which is why we are excited to announce our 2023 Carteret Writers’ Conference.

Think inflatable slides, ponies, a dunking booth, magicians, fortune tellers, sack races, and a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Well, maybe those are a stretch, but many of you are fiction writers, so you’re welcome.

Think speakers, workshops, reading opportunities, and a gathering of like minds to celebrate our writing and our creative community.

More details to come – space will be limited, so be the one that rises out of solitude to contribute to and glean from something bigger than yourself.