She stared wistfully out over the gray waves washing onto the shore below her window. She was remembering the early days, when her passion was new and wild, when just the thought of clean white sheets caused her to quiver with anticipation. The excitement had gone though, and the empty sheets seemed coarse and uninviting now. How could she save her romance with writing? How could she reignite that flickering flame of inspiration she’d felt as a young girl?

Has your writing life become boring and routine?

What about a Valentine’s Day fling with a romance writing prompt to get the juice’s going again? We’ve got ten prompts based on the most outrageously overplayed romance tropes ever troped. These tired old romance tropes are so messed up, there’s no way you can make them worse, so just have fun with it!

“The Fake Fiancé”: A successful businesswoman hires a struggling actor to pose as her fiancé(e) to impress her boss, but as they spend more time together, their feelings for each other become real.

“Enemies to Lovers in the Workplace”: Two coworkers who can’t stand each other are forced to work together on a project, but as they spend time together, they realize they have a lot in common and their feelings for each other start to change.

“The Second Chance Romance”: A couple who had a whirlwind romance in their youth reunite years later and have to navigate the challenges and changes that have occurred in their lives since they last saw each other.

“The Accidental Roommates”: A free-spirited artist and a neat-freak lawyer end up as roommates, and as they try to navigate their vastly different lifestyles, they find that they have more in common than they thought and start to fall for each other.

“The Unexpected Love Triangle”: A young woman finds herself torn between her childhood best friend and a new love interest, and must navigate the complexities of her feelings for both as she tries to make a choice.

“The Forbidden Love”: A young woman falls for her boss, who is twice her age and married, and must decide whether to pursue a forbidden love or listen to the advice of those around her.

“The Opposites Attract Romance”: A reserved librarian and a wild rock star discover they have a lot in common despite their vastly different lifestyles and personalities, and must navigate the challenges of their relationship as they fall in love.

“The Second Chance at Love”: A middle-aged writer who has been divorced for years meets an editor who helps him rediscover love and happiness, but they must navigate the challenges of starting a new relationship later in life.

“The Long-Distance Love”: A young couple must navigate the challenges of a long-distance relationship as they try to maintain their love and keep their connection strong despite the miles between them.

“The Slow Burn Romance”: Two young friends who have known one another for years slowly start to realize their feelings for each other, but must navigate the challenges of turning their friendship into a romantic relationship.

If your romance with writing has been flagging lately, give one of these literary bonbons a try this Valentine’s Day. Embrace the cheesy, the cliché, and the over-the-top. Let your imagination run wild, and don’t be afraid to take chances. You may find yourself falling in love with writing all over again.