Emerald Isle Lighthouse circa 1985

While thinking on Carteret Writers upcoming quadrennial, I couldn’t help wondering what books were inspiring the authors and poets who founded the organization back in 1983. The previous year was full of best sellers that are still influencing writers today, including a few of my personal favorites like Jean M. Auel’s The Valley of Horses and Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta.

In November, we’re going to start building out the Carteret Writers blog, and to kick it off, we’re asking members to submit a literary response to one of 1982’s bestsellers. You can write a classic book review, or give voice to a minor character in a sonnet. Pen a personal essay on how one of the books (or poems) influenced you, or craft a short story spin-off. Just have fun with it!

Autumn Ware, Carteret Writers Secretary


This submission period is open to members only. To become a member or renew a lapsed membership, see Membership options in the navigation bar above.

  • Please send your submission as a Word-compatible file to [email protected].
  • We’ll take submissions through November 30, 2022.
  • We have no formal word limits, but blog posts tend to be in the 500 – 2000-word range.
  • We will consider one prose piece per member or up to 5 poems.
  • Please submit poems together in a single file.
  • We appreciate manuscripts in a legible 12-point font with double-spaced paragraphs.
  • Please include a cover page with the author’s name, submission title, and genre.
Jungle Land Park in Atlantic Beach, NC 1985

The photographs on this page are part of the Library of Congress John Margolies Roadside America photograph archive. See more photos of 1980s Carteret County from the archive here.