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Art From The Heart is an eighteen-day art show hosted annually by the Arts Council of Carteret County where you can support local artists and the arts community by purchasing original two- and three-dimensional artwork.

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The ekphrastic writing contest submission deadline has passed.

About the Ekphrastic Writing Contest

Carteret Writers is holding an ekphrastic writing contest in conjunction with the Arts Council of Carteret County’s Art from the Heart Event. Ekphrastic writing aims to vividly describe visual art pieces in literary form, creating another representation of the visual art piece in writing.

Participants in the ekphrastic writing contest may view visual art submissions before the Art from the Heart event officially opens on Saturday, February 4th from 12pm until 2pm in order to begin formulating their ekphrastic responses in time for the February 8, 8am contest submission deadline.

Ekphrastic entries will be displayed for the entirety of the Art from the Heart show, and attendees to the show throughout the event will vote to determine the top three ekphrastic responses.

Vote for your favorite ekphrastic response by February 18, 2023!

We’ll share the people’s choice winner of our ekphrastic competition in March 2023.

Here’s how to participate.

  • Visit the Art from the Heart show from February 11 – 18.
  • Read our writers’ ekphrastic responses on display next to the artwork that inspired them.
  • Keep track of the responses that most move you with the paper ballot you’ll find at our table on site.
  • Use the QR code on the bottom of the ballot to quickly come back here and cast your final vote in the form that will appear below on February 11.

Cast your vote!

Select your favorite ekphrastic response.

Cast your vote!

Select your favorite ekphrastic response.


What is ekphrastic writing?

Carteret Writers Board Advisors Trish Sheppard and Jan B. Parker demystify the language around our ekphrastic writing competition in two recent blog posts.

What is ekphrastic poetry?

Trish Sheppard

Oulipo: frames and freedoms

Jan B. Parker

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