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Our Annual Writing Contest

Our main event of the year is our annual

writing contest. The 2018 contest marks the 27th

consecutive year, and is open to all writers.

All entries must be in English, and be submitted

by mail. For full submission details please CLICK HERE

2017 Contest Results

The 2017 contest winners were announced during the annual awards dinner at the Golden Corral, Morehead City, on May 10th. They are:


1st Place Deborah Doolittle “Drinking a 67 Chevy With New Mexico Plates”

2nd Place Carol Hartsoe “Miss Frat”

3rd Place Gina Farago “The Wickedness of Irony”

Hon Mention Stanley Trice “Back of the Seat”


1st Place Trish Sheppard “The Post Card in Your Pocket”

2nd Place Joe Mobley “Little Possum”

3rd Place Joe Mobley “Well Heeled”

Hon Mention Joe Mobley “U Boat 247”


1st Place Richard Knowles “Detour”

2nd Place Carolyn Scott “Fizzical Therapy”

3rd Place Carol Hartsoe “I Gave Myself a Valentine”

Hon Mention Richard Knowles “Alligator River Reprieve”


1st Place JoAnn Hoffman “Age Slips In”

2nd Place Trish Sheppard “Pink Slip in the Window”

3rd Place Deborah Doolittle “Theodore Weiss on What Ragweed Means to Him”

Hon Mention Robert Golden “The Town Dump”


1st Place Susanne Bunch “The Bumblebee Tea”

2nd Place Darlene Buechel “Confessions of a Lunch Lady’s Kid”

3rd Place Sarah Maury Swan “Zoe to the Rescue”

Hon Mention Renee Filippucci-Kotz “Pepper’s Misadventure”