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Our Annual Writing Contest

Our main event of the year is our annual

writing contest. The 2018 contest marks the 27th

consecutive year, and is open to all writers.

All entries must be in English, and be submitted

by mail. For full submission details please CLICK HERE

2018 Contest Results

The 2018 contest winners were announced during the annual awards dinner at Floyd’s 1921 restaurant in Morehead City on May 9th. And the winners are:


First Place- “A Day on the Road”    Allison Daniel, Beaufort, NC

Second Place- “Zapped”   Diane deEcheandia, New Bern, NC

Third Place- “Harold’s Heifer”   Dale Swan, New Bern, NC

Honorable Mention- “I Found Her”   Claudia Matheson, Emerald Isle, NC


First Place- “In Plain Sight”   Carol Hartsoe , Hubert, NC

Second Place- “Statute of Irritations”   Carolyn Scott, Pollocksville, NC

Third Place- “Beyond”   Trish Sheppard, Beaufort, NC

Honorable Mention- “Brothers in a Boat”   Joe Mobley, Swansboro, NC


Writing for Children

First Place- “Words, Words, Celebrate Words!”   Susanne Wiggins Bunch, Beaufort, NC

Second Place- “All on a Moonlit Night” Barbara McCreary, Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Third Place- “Alligator Island”  Joyce E. Allan, Milton, WV

Honorable Mention- “Beach Walk”  Susanne Wiggins Bunch, Beaufort, NC


First Place- “Revelation”   Jo Ann Hoffman, Beaufort, NC

Second Place- “Distance”   Suzannah Cockerille, New Bern, NC

Third Place- “Thunder Road”   Robert Golden, New Bern, NC

Honorable Mention- “Some Nights I’m Rose McConville Dreaming of Old Houses in County   

                                       Down”   Deborah H. Doolittle, Jacksonville, NC


Flash Fiction

First Place- “Flight to the Ice Planet”   Trish Sheppard, Beaufort, NC

Second Place- “Kudos to Maria”   Carol Hartsoe, Hubert, NC

Third Place- “At the Fujiyama Souvenir Shop”   Deborah Doolittle, Jacksonville, NC

Honorable Mention- “Emlee”   Jan Parker, Beaufort, NC